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proudly present the ultimative Swiss demoscene event
Buenzli #15 - 18./19./20. August 2006 - Winterthur/Switzerland

BUENZLI 16 to take place

We are very proud to announce BUENZLI 16 to take place. BUENZLI 16 will be organized by our newly labeled organization "Echtzeit". In case you want to take holidays for BUENZLI 16, here's the date: 17/18/19 August 2007. (more)
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Retrospecting Air-Plane

As previously announced, the Buenzli organizing team hold the movie contest at Air-Plane, a massive LAN party in the event dock of Zurich Airport. Beside the movie contest, which had 5 entries, we had the unique chance to show 30 minutes of demos to the full gamer audience. They were impressed - we're sure some of the will show up with own creations at Buenzli, too. We have set up a special site containing the winners of the movie contest and more. (more)
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Movie-Contest at Air-Plane

Finally all details are fixed: Tomorrow, 30 October 2006, the organizer crew of Buenzli will be present at Air-Plane, a large LAN party in the event dock at Zurich Airport. At 10pm a movie contest/wild compo will be held, followed by half an hour of demoshow.

We're doing this do bring the idea of the demoscene to a further audience and maybe gain some people for Buenzli and genereally to be creative with technique. Expect a report and the release of the best movies after the party! (more)
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OHP Demo Captures Released

High quality captures of all four OHP demos released/performed at Buenzli are now, thanks to, available for downloading from Get those masterpieces and have fun. You can find the download-links on our after-the-party site. (more)
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HP Jury Prize: Results

For the second time, the HP Jury Prize was given away at Buenzli. Our independant party-jury decided on two prizes to be spreaded to the best entries to our competitions. The winners are:Big props to the winners, the jury and of course to HP Invent donating the prizes. We hope our winners have fun with their new hardware. (more)
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After The Party

Get all the releases, results, report and photos from Buenzli 15! We finally opened up our after-the-party-page containing everything from and about Buenzli 15 we manage to find (the page will get updated often). Enjoy that stuff! (more)
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Buenzli 15 Is Over

Ladies and Gentlemen, Buenzli 15 is over and regarding the releases and feedback from visitor it was a blast! We know you're waiting for the results and after party section: It will be up as soon as we're more or less recovered and find time to provide you with all the stuff.
Big props to all visitors and all who made the party possible! (more)
Unlock/2006-08-21 13:08:00 Live Stream

We proudly announce that the guys from just got live! Enjoy Buenzli from your living room, bath room or garden. Do shadow parties and have fun, even if you can't come to the party place.

Tune in to the stream at (more)
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Building a Party

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have almost finished building up the party place! Doors will opening regularly at 17.00h! And it will be good! (more)
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Off To Buenzli...

The core team is soon heading off to the party place - a lot of work ahead of them. We take this chance to give you some last minute information:
  • Join the IRCNet-channel #buenzli to be with us during the party
  • Don't forget to bring power plug adaptors that fit the Swiss standard
  • You're allowed to park your car in front of the building for unloading your equipment; but you're asked to remove your car afterwards. We're offering 3-day passes for a nearby parking lot
  • ... have a good journey and see you on Friday
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