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buenzli demoparties

Use the great service provided by our friends at to access releases from allmost all previous Buenzli parties: Buenzli on

Buenzli 1 Invitation Intro
Buenzli 2  
Buenzli 3  
Buenzli 4 Report
Buenzli 5 Photos, Report (executable)
Buenzli 6 Photos, Report, Report (executeable)
Buenzli 7 Photos, Report, Report (executeable)
Buenzli 8 Photos, Report
Buenzli 9 Photos, Report, Flyer
Buenzli 10 Photos, Report
Buenzli 11 Photos, Report
Buenzli 12 Photos, Invitation
Buenzli 13 Photos, Invitation intro
Buenzli 14 Photos, Invitation demo


other events

demoscene + buenzli @ digital salon

Digitaler Salon is an art feature at the HGKZ, the highschool for arts in Zurich. Unlock & Robocop, together with Paralax, have been at the Digitaler Salon on January 19, 2005 presenting the demoscene and Buenzli to the student audience. More information can be found at the Digital Salon - website (German).

From the presentation at the highschool for arts in Zurich, Triztan/Vantage did a high quality video report. You can download it from or the HGKZ-server (the movie is in German).

Demos @ Dampfzentrale Bern

Genox, Choi and Unlock of Vantage attended the V.I.D, a festival for video art taking place on September 5, 6, and 7, 2003) and showed demos there. Three evenings of non-stop demoshow. Of course also some promotional actions for Buenzli happend. The event was quite a success, people were interested in the demos we were showing and it might be that one or another will follow the demoscene closer now. Thanks to Choi and Genox for making it possible and being there most of the time. dampfzentrale homepage