DTV Tour 06

Who is Buenzli?

Buenzli is an association promoting the demoscene in Switzerland. But Buenzli is also a bunch of people organizing the Buenzli demoparty.

The party organizers

  • Unlock/Vantage/Padua - Andry Joos
    Main organizer, PR, marketing, website, responsible for it all...
  • Robocop/Atlantis - Daniel Schröter
    Sponsoring, financial affairs
  • Genox/Vantage/Calodox - Oliver Studer
    Graphics/CI, Entertainment, sound, member of the bigscreen-team
  • Joda - Gregor P. Favre
    Network, location, power (and local hero in Winterthur)
  • CCP/ATLANTIS - Thomas Wyler
    Fun competitions, print, merchandising, entrance
  • Pro/Nuance - Thomas Obermaier
    Head of the bigscreen and competition team
  • Vynka - Simon Zeller
    Power, network
  • Voodoo/Fake That - Toni Birrer
    Party-web-system, member of the bigscreen and competition team
  • Zehbra - David Schenkel
    Member of the bigscreen and competition team
  • Ei8th - André Düring
    Security, Stage

The association

The Buenzli association mainly consists of the same people as the Buenzli party organizing team. Also, the association allows passive members. Join.

Executive committee

President: Andry Joos (Unlock)
Vice President: Gregor P. Favre (Joda)
Cashier: Daniel Schröter (Robocop)
Actuary: Thomas Wyler (CCP)