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Switzerland might be new for you - and since Switzerland's not in the European Union, you might want to consider the following information.


Euro payment is not possible in Switzerland, tho there are a few exceptions for tourists and the like. Make sure you exchange some Euros to Swiss francs. It's a good currency anyways ;-) At Buenzli, we try to make everything available to you in Euro too!


Remember, that Switzerland doesn't have the standard plugs for power! Check out the picture to see how the plugs look in Switzerland and, if you think your plug doesn't fit, bring converters ! Euro plugs will fit, Schuko plugs won't.

Swiss power plug


Unlike many people believe, drugs, and more specific cannabis, are not legal in Switzerland. The Buenzli rules don't allow any kind of hard drugs or cannabis to be consumed at the partyplace.


On Swiss highways, you have to pay road charge (at the border, CHF 40.-, valid one year). Luckily, Winterthur is close to the German border, so if you're coming from Germany you might consider not to pay the fee and instead use smaller roads.