DTV Tour 06


By Car · By Train · By Plane · Winterthur

Driving to Buenzli

We've created a small "photostory" about arriving in Winterthur by car when coming from the highways. The photos show you, how to find the partyplace. Note that the photos are 2+ years old, so they might not be exactly accurate anymore. Of course, they still work as a generel direction help.

Download the car-trip-photostory (PDF)

First of all, please note that you'll have to buy a 'Highway-Vignette' (road-charge) if you're using Swiss highways. You might want to try it without, but we won't pay for it. The charge can be paid at every custom.

If you are coming from the North or East (Munich, Germany, Austria, ...) head into the direction of Bregenz, Switzerland, Zürich. Once you've crossed the border, take the A1 in the direction of Zürich. You'll pass through St. Gallen and Wil. Continue with our photostory below. Leave the highway in Winterthur Wülflingen.

If you are coming from the South or West (Italy, Switzerland, France, ...) find your way to Switzerland, Zürich. From Zürich, you take the A1 in the direction of St. Gallen. You'll arrive in Winterthur soon. Don't leave the highway in Winterthur Töss! Now, please continue with our photostory below.

If you're coming from near Stuttgard , you won't have to take the A1 highway but head in the direction of Schaffhausen. Then you use the A4 to Winterthur.

If you decide to not pay the road-charges for the highways, you can always search your way trough Switzerland on normal streets. Make sure you arrive in Winterthur somehow and then look for streets that look like the photos below. Here are a few hints:

  • Schaffhausen-Benken-Oerlingen-Andelfingen-Henggart-Aesch-Winterthur
  • Singen-Stein a Rh.-Giesenhard-Andelfingen-Henggart-Aesch-Winterthur
  • Bregenz-Bernek-Heiden-Trogen-St.Gallen-Herisau-Flawil-Wil-
  • Geneva-Berne-Olten-Baden-Bülach-Winterthur
  • Basel-Rheinfelden-Frick-Brugg-Baden-Bülach-Winterthur
  • Varese-Ponte Tresa-Agno-Lugano-Bellinzona-Biasca-Airolo-
    St. Gotthard Pass-Andermatt-Göschenen-Altdorf-Schwyz-

Parking your car

As in the previous years, we can offer you rather cheap parking space in a parking lot nearby the partyplace. If you want one of these, just come to the entrance desk and ask for a ticket. The prize is not fixed yet, but surely worth 3 days of a save parking space. For those who don't want to spend any more money, there is a free parking space in Winterthur, however in the opposite direction of the party location.

You are NOT ALLOWED to park your car directy in front of the location building unless your unloading/loading your equipment. You can, however, park your car in the "blue zones", if you manage to find a free spot. Attention: We've already spotted policemen spreading tickets on Sunday morning, so it's your own responsability to avoid that.