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Geographical Location

Winterthur is in the north-east of Switzerland, very close to Zurich and Zurich airport. It is easily reachable from Austria, Germany, Italy and France (by train or car) as well as every other country you could imagine (by plane).

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Adress of the Location

Liebestrasse 3
8400 Winterthur
Phone: 0041522024685 (valid from Friday, 18th noon)


From the train station to the location (walk)

Once you arrived in Winterthur, you get out of the trains and walk straight forward in the direction in which the trains has been driving, at least if you're coming from Zürich, else, it's the other direction) until the last subway on the stage, walk down the stairs, turn right and walk up the stairs again. There you see some bus stops on a pretty large street. From there, you walk straight forward until you're standing in front of a big building - the "Manor". There you turn left, walk a bit, turn right the first street, and from there it is all straight forward on the "Museumstrasse".
When walking down this street you see on the right side a parking garage and later a park. Continue walking down this street until the end of the park, there you turn left and this is the small street (Liebestrasse) where the Kirchgemeindehaus is located..

Map of Winterthur, from the train station to the party place

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