DTV Tour 06


As at every party, we are forced to list some rules which make it possible to have a flawless party-time. Note that the organizer team and Buenzli responsibles leave it to their own's discretion to take any actions upon breaking the rules.

  • No weapons allowed.
  • No drug abuse allowed.
  • No consumption of cannabis tolerated at the party place.
  • Don't drink more than what you can stand.
  • No porn allowed (remember there are minors at the party).
  • No warez trading allowed.
  • No indexed games allowed (this index-list was imposed on us by the owner of the location because the location is a building of the church. Based on respect, we want you to follow this list).
  • Behave, we have to pay for all damage to the party place with your possible prize money (there's no seperate damage-stock in our budget).
  • City center: Don't be too loud, especially not at night!
  • Don't bringe your fridge and ovens, we provide food supply.
  • Pay your entrance fee, we rely on it in our budget!