DTV Tour 06


Note: The timetable is and will always be subject to changes :-)

Friday, 18. August 2006

17.00h Doors opening
19.00h Public announcement of the Compo Topic
21.00h - 21.30h Opening Ceremony
21.30h Open Mix Table [more]
23.30h Video Show [more]
00.30h Demoshow [more]
afterwards... Night entertainment with music, demos, ...


Saturday, 19. August 2006

11.00h Deadline: Graphics, Streamed Music, Tracked Music
12.00h Compo: Tracked Music
13.00h Deadline: OHP Compo, Open Game Compo
Compo: OHP Compo
14.00h Compo: Streamed Music
Compo: McAndy's Dynablaster Tournament
15.00h Deadline: Alternative Demo, 4k Intro, 4k Proc. Graphics
Show: McAdny's Dynablaster Tournament Finals
16.00h Compo: Graphics
16.30h Compo: 4k Procedural Graphics
Showers Open
17.00h Deadline: Demo, Wild Demo, 64k Intro
17.30h Compo: Open Game Compo
afterwards... Fun Competitions...
19.00h Deadline: Surprise Competition
Compo: Alternative Demo
19.30h Compo: Surprise Competition
21.00h Compo Night Part I: 4k Intros, Wild Demos
22.00h Live Act: dK & friends [more]
23.00h Compo Night Part II: 64k Intros, Demos
afterwards Jury Gathering for the HP Jury prize [more]
24.00h Live Act: Duo Agency [more]
1.30h Deadline: Jury Decision
afterwards... Night entertainment with music, demos, ..


Sunday, 20. August 2006

8.00h Deadline: Voting
9.30h Showers Open
11.00h Brainstorm presents: Premiere of Chillosophy
12.00h Prizegiving
13.30h Doors Closing...